Being an Entrepreneur Tests Your Faith

This photo is a good picture of how I feel today. It is sort of a “Oh crap! Here we go!” kind of feeling.

Daniel and I have been talking a lot about getting out of debt so we can pursue our dreams of slow traveling. We have been selling a lot of stuff through Craigslist to complete Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 1. Our excitement for selling stuff led to a discussion about selling our house. We fasted, prayed, and met with a Realtor. In the end, we felt God calling us to take care of what we had. Even to be content with the home we have. We also didn’t feel like the pay off for all the elbow grease and moving would be enough to sell our home at this moment.

In the midst of all this decision making and future planning Daniel’s work is transitioning, again. He runs his own business and can change what he does at any moment. His new work is almost client-free. Basically he is selling pieces of software that he creates online. We feel like this is the direction that God is moving Daniel’s business. He also has a business idea to sell Magento training videos that he has been working on for quite a while. It’s kind of scary, because we don’t have an exact idea of how much money the business will make.

If Daniel’s work takes off, then we can truly pay off our debt in a year and begin slow traveling in 2013. It would be the perfect kind of work for him to do while our family travels, because he wouldn’t have any clients. If this leap of faith doesn’t pay off, then we would possibly have to move from our home or Daniel would have to get a regular 8 to 5 job. For some reason I don’t believe that last sentence is going to happen.

This new direction for Daniel’s business has a big impact on our family. Right now we are focused on leaning on Jesus, paying off debt, starting new web-based projects, homeschooling, taking care of our family, serving our church, and learning about traveling with kids. I feel like something big is happening with us. We are taking a huge leap of faith, but I know that God will never desert us or forsake us. Being an entrepreneur really tests your faith in God’s ability to provide all that you need!

Photo credit: elbyincali and unknown.