Foodie Friday: Biscotti

Last week I was craving biscotti and I wanted to make some as a gift for a friend that enjoys coffee. Also, I remembered Breanna baking some after she first got her Kitchen Aid Mixer. So I thought why not help break in my new mixer with some biscotti as well!

I had never made it before last week. Here are a few things I learned in my biscotti discovery:

  • Biscotti is an Italian cookie and it means twice baked. Baked once as a log, then as slices. It is meant to be a hard cookie and it can be dunked in coffee or wine.
  • Should be hard enough to withstand dunking, but not too hard that it will crack your teeth while eating it dry.
  • It takes over an hour to make them.
  • When rolling out the very sticky dough, lightly flour the rolling service. Roll into 1 or 2 logs, depending on your cookie sheet. Then, flatten with your hand or roll a plastic cup over the top.
  • A good serrated knife is helpful when slicing the loaf.

  • Great as gifts, because they are very easy to transport. Also, they can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months in an air tight container.

I made three different types. The titles are linked to their recipes.

1. Traditional Anisse Biscotti Dipped in Chocolate

The anisse extract gives these a licorice flavor. I didn’t love the flavor, so I dipped them in some chocolate bark I had. I let them cool on wax paper and they turned out beautifully. Next time I would like to dip them in a higher quality chocolate.

2. Almond Biscotti

My husband loved these! This recipe doesn’t make a whole bunch. The process takes a while, because you need to toast the almonds before chopping them. They were really good and tasted exactly like an almond biscotti should taste like.

3. Chocolate Biscotti

These were my favorite! They almost didn’t get baked a second time, because I wanted to eat them all while I was slicing them. I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate cocoa. After reading David Lebowitz’s blog post I really want to try these with a higher quality cocoa powder. I do believe that quality of the cocoa will greatly impact the flavor. They turned pretty hard within a day or two, but still tasted wonderful with my coffee. I will definitely be baking these again!

Have you made biscotti? Do you have a favorite flavor?