for Monk and the Merchant

On page 88 of ‘The Monk and the Merchant’

I am still enjoying this book very much.  The principles of the book are shared through a grandfather recounting to his grandson his tri-annual meeting with his business mentor as the grandfather goes through success and failure of running his business.

Some of the principles are trite, (“Principle Six: See challenges as stepping stones, not as obstacles.”), but when coupled with the story it helps me reflect back on my personal experience from either working for a business, running my business, or personal interactions.

Some principles are meaty and backed up by scripture (Principle Three: A man must do whatever he can to provide for his family) and others are difficult to take at face value without context and understanding (Principle One: Work hard and God will prosper you).

I’m excited to get to the new principles and see where the story of Alessio, Antonio, and Julio goes from here.

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On page 22 of ‘The Monk and the Merchant’

This book is in the form of a parable and billed as “Twelve keys to successful living”.  I’m most interested to see how the book relates being a Christian with being a business owner. As the forward states, “We’re not called to divide our Sunday…

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