Valentine’s Day: Postponed

My daughter, Annabelle, walked into my room at 5:30 a.m. Valentine’s morning. It was very evident right away that she was sick. My heart sunk for her. She was the only one in the house truly excited about Valentine’s Day. We had worked on her Valentine’s Day cards for her class the day before.

She spent most of the day on the couch. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was missing her Valentine’s party at school. I dropped off her cards at her school and Daniel picked up the cards from her classmates later in the afternoon. I could tell she was really sick, when she was not overjoyed with her bag of goodies. She normally loves that stuff.

Daniel had plans to take Annabelle out on a Daddy-Daughter date, so those plans are now postponed until she is better.

That morning Zander had a follow up for his ear infection. I am so thankful that Daniel has a flexible work schedule and could watch a sick Annabelle while I took Zander to his appointment. As I suspected Zander’s ear infection (now double ear infection) had not gone away. We got a new prescription. He already has a follow-up appointment with the ENT next week. So far his Audiologist and Pediatrician are recommending tubes. I just want him to get better.

Roman is still finishing up his prescription from strep last week.

These are fun times, I tell ya.

Thankfully Annabelle is returning to her old self today. She is talking non-stop, asking me to make her spaghetti, and to take her somewhere.

I told Daniel that I am so glad that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple, because yesterday would have been a disappointment if we had plans to celebrate. He spent the evening reading a book and working while I got the groceries that I didn’t get to buy earlier in the day. Just another day in paradise.