Want to Learn How to Meal Plan and Save Money?

I love meal planning. I have even blogged several of my meal plans this year. A lot of what I have learned about meal planning, saving money, and eating simply I have learned from Erin Chase of $5 Dollar Dinners. I am definitely a fan. I have read her cookbook and follow her blog. I can testify first hand that her money saving advice works and that her recipes are delicious.

Erin Chase is hosting a Grocery Savings Workshop here in San Antonio on March 30th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. The cost is $5 and canned food item to be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank.  I will be there. Join me! To register CLICK HERE.

I had the opportunity to meet Erin Chase 2 years ago at a book signing at the old Borders in the Quarry. (I miss that place!)

Since that meeting that once pristine cookbook has become used, worn down, and splattered.

I read through the couponing section and learned a few tricks. For example, if you have 3 identical coupons, then you can use each coupon by buying the product 3 times. The coupons read, “One item per coupon.” Sounds simple, right? My brain didn’t operate that way. Now when those yellow H-E-B coupons makes salsa 75 cents a jar, then I grab three coupons and by 3 of them.

My favorite thing about $5 Dollar Dinners is that the recipes are based on good down home cooking. I didn’t find any processed food short cuts. Here are a few techniques that I have learned from $5 Dollar Dinners:

  • How to cook a large amount of protein at one time, then use the leftover protein in a meal later in the week.
  • That dinner doesn’t always have to be a grand, culinary affair. A simple meal of a meat and two sides is plenty and filling.
  • How to cook a basic white sauce from flour, butter, and milk that can be used as a sauce for different meals like Macaroni and Cheese.
  • How to meal plan based on what protein is on sale that week.
  • Pork Chops can be awesome.

I have had to learn how to be resourceful while my family grows and we remain on one income. I will be forever thankful for the knowledge that $5 Dollar Dinners has taught me. I know you will be too!

For more information about the San Antonio Grocery Savings Workshop CLICK HERE.